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Why you should plan for your child’s future

As parents, we want to give our children the best of everything, especially quality education. By providing good education, we equip our children for the future, so that they can take care of their material, social and other needs.

 However, this is easier said than done. With education costs going up, only if we plan and execute it well would we be able to create the corpus required for our child’s college education.

This article highlights some important aspects of planning for your child’s educational needs.

Rising cost of education

This scenario addressed students interested in Engineering course and their parents. First, let us look at how much it costs to study for a Engineering degree in a private college. The fees for Engineering in Malaysia was estimated at RM40k per annum.  So, considering other costs as well, the cost of a 4 to 5-year degree would be upwards of RM160k to RM250k.

Our goals in life

As parents, we have many goals for ourselves, and our spouse, children, family and friends. Goals for ourselves could include starting a business, retiring from active employment by age 60, travel around the world and so on.

We also need to support our spouse emotionally and financially for goals like wedding anniversary, world tour, special dates and so on. But, the two major (and most important) goals that we envisage for our children are education (primary, secondary, under-graduation, graduation, post-graduation, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees) and marriage.

However, among all the goals, the most important goal for any parent is to provide quality education to their wards.

To meet the education costs of our children, we can focus on the following two financial strategies:

  1. Spend less than we earn, and thus create ‘savings’
  2. Deploy the ‘savings’ as investments

How do I spend less than I earn if I have erratic income?

Pretty simple. Create a budget and stick to it. We should learn the art of saying no (yes, we have to say no to discretionary expenses like throwing parties and making unplanned trips). Even if we get regular salaries, the first cash outflow should be towards savings, and only the remaining should be spent. However, today, most parents spend first and say that they don’t have any money left for savings. So, when savings are zero, investments are also zero.

The deductions made by employers for EPF should be for our post-retirement life. We should never mix it up with education expenses of our child.

So, how do I secure my child’s education? What are the factors I need to consider while making investments?

Simply you can begin by taking up a education plan for as low as RM100/month and get the below benefits:

  • Regular saving until the child reaches the age of 18
  • Accumulate interest on saving
  • Income tax relief up to RM3,000
  • Plan becomes free if the payer is no longer alive.


Key takeaways from this article

  • Children’s education should be one of the key priorities of parents.
  • For newborns, it’s too early to decide their career. This should not prevent parents from investing for their education. The first cash flow every month should be towards investment.
  • We should not use provident fund savings to meet education goals
  • Cost of education goes up between 3% and 8% every year. Investing in education plan or SSPN, will help prepare you now and future.

Happy parenting and happy investing!

Article source: Parent Circle

For more detail on Education plan or SSPN-i, you can reach me at and through Whatsapp at 019-6922825 for a free proposal.

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Kelebihan SSPN-i Plus

SSPN-i Plus ialah Pakej Simpanan Pendidikan serta Perlindungan Takaful yang paling murah dan senang untuk didaftar. Berikut adalah senarai kelebihan yang dinikmati oleh pendeposit pakej SSPN-i Plus:

1. Dividen yang Kompetitif

Dengan dividen yang kompetitif dalam lingkungan 3% – 4% anda boleh mencapai unjuran simpanan yang bagus.

2. Pelepasan Cukai Pendapatan

Untuk warganegara Malaysia yang membayar cukai kepada LHDN, anda layak membuat tuntutan pelepasan Cukai LHDN dengan nilai maksima sehingga RM12,000.00 setahun.

Bagaimana boleh tuntut balik sehingga RM12k?

Anda layak untuk menuntut pelepasan:
1.RM6,000.00 (maksima) untuk seksyen khas Tabungan SSPN-i
2.RM6,000.00 (maksima) untuk seksyen takaful dibawah insuran nyawa dan KWSP

Ini bermakna, deposit simpanan anda ditangung oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. Buka Akaun deposit SSPN-i Plus hari ini, tahun depan kerajaan akan cover balik duit simpanan anda.

3. Khairat Kematian

Caruman keatas akaun takaful memberikan manfaat Khairat Kematian sebanyak RM2,500.00 hingga RM18,000.00 mengikut pakej. Untuk makluman khairat kematian tersebut melindungi pendeposit, pasangan dan termsuk sehingga 3 orang anak.

4. Elaun Harian Hospital

Peserta SSPN-i Plus juga akan mendapat manfaat elaun harian hospital sekiranya terpaksa bermalam di mana-mana hospital. Jumlah elaun harian tersebut adalah berdasarkan pelan yang diambil meliputi RM20 sehari hingga RM200 sehari.

5. Manfaat Takaful

Dengan adanya manfaat takaful ini, belanja pendidikan anak dapat dilindungi dengan pampasan wang ringgit sekiranya berlaku perkara yang tidak diingini kepada pendeposit.

6. Perlindungan Sehingga RM1 JUTA

Pelan Pakej Berlian memberikan manfaat sehingga RM1,000,000.00 sekiranya berlaku kematian ke atas pendeposit.

7. Tidak Perlu Pemeriksaan Kesihatan

Scara umumnya bakal perserta tidak dikehendaki membuat pemeriksaan kesihatan untuk melayakkan diri untuk manfaat takaful. Walau bagaimanapun perserta dikehendaki menjawab 3 soalan untuk Pakej Berlian. Sekiranya terdapat “Ya” di antara soalan tersebut, pemohon dikehendaki memilih pakej lain.

8. Serendah RM30 Sebulan

Jumlah deposit minimum bulanan adalah serendah RM30. Oleh itu dengan formula simpanan RM1 sehari, pendeposit boleh menyimpan sambil menerima manfaat takaful.

9. Simpanan Dijamin Kerajaan

Kerajaan Malaysia akan menggantikan semula wang anda sekiranya organisasi SSPN-i atau PTPTN ditutup, disahkan bankrap atau mengalami kerugian. Oleh itu deposit di SSPN-i tidak lebur begitu sahaja seperti nasib yang berlaku kepada peserta Skim Cepat Kaya.

10. Layak Memohon Pinjaman PTPTN

Pihak PTPTN telah menetapkan syarat pembukaan akaun SSPN sebagai syarat kelayakan pinjaman pendidikan.

11. Cabutan SSPN-i

Setiap deposit RM50 melayakkan untuk satu cabutan SSPN-i Plus. Antara hadiah menarik yang ditawarkan ialah Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo, Honda Jazz, Proton Perdana dan wang tunai.

Daftar SSPN-i Plus Hari Ini dan Nikmati Kelebihan Berganda

Oleh itu, jangan berlengah lagi. Mula menabung hari ini dan nikmati kelebihan berganda. Menabunglah untuk masa depan anak-anak anda hari ini.


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What is SSPN i-Plus?

SSPN-i Plus Online

It is a SAVINGS (can withdraw principal plus interest after 3 years) + PROTECTION (a term life + 36 illness + Hospitalisation + PA) + TAX DEDUCTIBILITY (up to RM6, 000 p.a.)

How many type of payment plan available?
There are as low as from RM30 to RM500 per month as below chart.


Below is an example for a RM100 plan:

Savings per month:  RM100/month (RM90 savings + RM10 protection p.a.)
Savings per annum:  RM1080/year
Estimate tax deduction:  RM300/year. (maximum deductible) = 25% x RM1, 200


Term Life      : RM20,000 up to 64 years old
36 Illnesses   : RM10,000
Hospitalisaton:  RM20 per day
PA                  :   RM40,000
One off additional payment of death benefit :  RM2,500


  • Free RM500 for RM500 deposited (first time only)
  • Savings guaranteed by Government
  • Minimum saving with insurance coverage worldwide
  • Withdraw every 3 years once.
  • Eligible to apply for PTPTN loan for your kids
  • Eligible for tax relief up to RM6,000 per annum
  • Dividend on saving amount
  • Participate in lucky draw (every 6 months once)
  • Better than bank FD savings


How to register for a SSPN-i Plus account?

Registration and payment can only be made ONLINE directly to SSPN portal below:

Link to SSPN-i Plus website portal


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