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Planning for your retirement


Retirement is an important phase in our lives. While we can choose to deny its arrival by ignoring to plan for it, a well-establish approach to retirement could have a significant impact on your standard of living in later years. After all, retirement plan is a time when we should be enjoying the benefits of our working life.

Set your goals

Once retired, it’s time to start achieving things you put off because you didn’t have time to pursue them. A set of goals for your retirement will help you focus on what is important to you. Write them down, no matter how big or small and start working on your goals.

Find your interest

Whether you stop work immediately or ease into retirement, eventually you’ll be left with a gap where work once was. Find an interest or hobby and focus on it. Committing to a sport like golf or chess, joining a community group or even studying is a great way to stay busy and fulfilled.

Plan your money needs

Once you have an idea of the retirement lifestyle you want, work out how you will finance it. Benchmark your current financial position and factor in the goals you want to achieve along with day-to-day living expenses and financial commitments. Talk to an insurance agent who will help you assess your current situation and offer recommendations on how to make up any shortfall.

Plan your investment

Savings is an important part of any retirement plan. No matter where you are in your career or how much you earn, there are plenty of ways to boost your investment. This includes EPF contributions, investment-link plans and Personal Retirement Plans.

Get your concerns in order

Avoid future stress on your loved ones and get a robust and up-to-date plan for what will happen once you’ve passed. A will, insurance plan and nominating your family members are all important pieces of legal housekeeping. Depending on your situation life insurance is a good way to help you protect what matters most and provide financial security.

Get your resources

Start preparing for your retirement by reading articles, books and magazines; there’s a lot of information and advice available online. Understand how insurance plan or investment plans could help protect you and your family financially. Get a free proposal plan from today.

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Top 5 biggest misconceptions about life insurance


When it comes to protecting you and your family’s future, many people misunderstood the need for insurance. We look at the five biggest misconceptions people have when getting an insurance policy.

It’s too expensive

Many people thinks that life insurance is expensive and unnecessary need, but an insurance policy that’s tailored to suit your lifestyle can cost less than your daily cup of tea. That’s a lot less than what you would have to pay in the event something unexpected happens and you had to pay for costly medical bills. The main point is to search around, and find a policy that suits your needs and your budget.

It’s only for old people

Between the ages of 18 to 30 you may be more interested in spending time with your friends and travelling than thinking about your future. It’s easier and lower to get an insurance policy in your younger age when you are healthy and no known health problem. Once you are affected with some health problem, then getting a policy will be hander and more expensive. If you want to retain control of your financial freedom as you grow older and start thinking about retirement plans, it’s worth considering options where you’ll get a lower premium.

It’s too early

While you are still young, the insurance premium amount will be lower and easily available, compare to those you get after getting older or after getting some health problem. As cost of medical is rising every year, it’s a safe bet to get insured earlier than late. In case you are affected with an illness, then getting a new insurance policy will be harder and expensive. In this kind of event, you don’t want to leave your family with the burden of costly medical bills.

It’s better to save in bank

People usually assume they will grow their money by saving in banks, ultimately self-insuring to protect their surviving family against financial risk. It’s good to save in banks, but investing in an insurance policy will give you both savings plus additional sum assured (and medical coverage for those investment-link plans) so you can avoid touching your savings fund if something did happen and still have funds for that future asset dreams instead.

My employer pays the bills

Yes, most employers do offer group insurance coverage for their employees today, but does that coverage sufficient to cover the medical cost? Not all employers cover fully the medical bills, and sometime you will need to folk out your own money to cover additional medical cost. While having medical coverage while working is good, but what will happen when you leave or retired? Your employer will be no longer covering for your medical cost during the retirement age. This is when you will need the most and if you plan to take insurance during your retirement age, be prepared to pay a huge premium amount.

No matter what, insurance is not considered as expenses; instead see it as a way to protects you and your family during your difficult time. For varies insurance protection plans, visit today to get free proposal quote for your insurance need today.

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